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To compete in today's world, businesses need to constantly re-evaluate their relationships with customers. Success is maintained by anticipating and responding to customer needs in an efficient, reliable and timely way.

For many businesses their route to success lies in Internet trading.  The Internet is now the de facto place where companies and individuals go to source goods, compare specifications/prices and place their orders.

At ECi, we have e-commerce solutions for companies large and small.  So whether you are blue-chip organisation looking for truly bespoke solution, an Office Supplies dealer who wants something which is tightly integrated with an ECi business management solution, or a manufacturer who wants a customer-self service portal, we have a solution for you!

HorizonWeb™E-Commerce Software

HorizonWeb is designed specifically for the Horizon business management system.  Because it is tightly integrated, thee is no duplicate entry.  A live feed from Horizon enables users to be set-up without delay.

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EasyOrder® E-Commerce Software

A standard solution like EasyOrder® e-commerce is the most cost-effective and reliable way to implement an online order system. EasyOrder is being used throughout Europe in a variety of industries, not only as a Web shop for customers (B2B), prospects and consumers (B2C), but also for order management and optimisation of internal procurement processes. EasyOrder's combination of affordability, functionality and the ability to exchange batch files keeps its users ahead of the competition.

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Branded Website Design Service (Digital Services)

ECi Branded Website Design is a personalised subscription service that offers you a customised company website that showcases your culture, community service and the products you offer.

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E-commerce Website Design Service (Digital Services)

ECi e-commerce Website Design is a personalised subscription service that will turn your e-commerce site into a super salesperson and generate incremental revenues for your company.  We will work with you on an ongoing basis to develop and maintain your site, ensuring it remains up-to-date, keeping your customers intrigued and ensuring you are always one step ahead of the competition.

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