ERP for Manufacturers


Keeping up with the ever-changing market and competition requires businesses to target operating inefficiencies, control job costs and increase product development, while guaranteeing quality assurance and meeting customer needs.

ECi has 20 years’ experience in the manufacturing sector and supplies in excess of 1800 businesses with a suite of software that meets their rapidly changing needs.

M1® Manufacturing ERP Software

M1® software is a cost-effective and flexible ERP that can handle your most valuable and unique business processes with ease.

Some of the functionality of M1 software essential to daily manufacturing operations includes:

  • Maintain contact details for customers and suppliers
  • Schedule production to efficiently make use of resources
  • Manage production jobs through job costing
  • Control stock of raw materials, finished goods & sub-assemblies
  • Analyse pre- and post- sales activities
  • Ensure quality and manage warranties

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EasyOrder® E-Commerce

EasyOrder® software is a powerful e-commerce/order management/customer Web portal, fully integrated with M1, that helps you to maximise sales and allows existing clients to place orders 7 days a week, 24 hours a day!

  • A standard application with rich functionality
  • Tailored to fit your specific business processes
  • Unrivalled in performance, and is stable and reliable
  • Maintenance-free, no need for specialist staff
  • Supported by punch-out (Ariba/I2) as well as links via Web services
  • Multi-lingual/multi-currency capable

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