Office Products

Paving the success of independent dealers

Office Products

The independent dealer’s path to success is paved with technology. Solutions like e-commerce, back office automation, delivery optimisation and Internet purchasing have positioned dealers to handle more business with fewer employees — a valuable benefit in any economic climate.

With complete order-to-cash management, ECi business systems ensure smooth, efficient transactions throughout the supply chain. For almost 30 years, ECi has been helping independent dealers market to new customers, purchase more efficiently, manage warehouse operations and even streamline delivery processes.

ECi offers solutions designed to meet the real world needs of office products dealers, with the unique functionality that generic accounting software simply cannot offer:

  • Custom pricing options
  • Electronic purchasing with industry wholesalers, manufacturers, and buying groups
  • Product files and e-commerce content direct from industry suppliers
  • Delivery management — including fleet logistics and mobility solutions

Business Systems for Office Products Dealers

We have a selection of business management systems for Office Products dealers. Over 450 UK dealers use our Horizon, Progress, and Vision software to improve business processes in order to manage their businesses more efficiently. Learn more: