ECi Products

ECi supports the entrepreneurial spirit and profitable growth of independent businesses. We do this with fully integrated software solutions, designed specifically for your industry. We offer cloud-based and on-premise ERP and POS software.

Business Systems


Add-On Products

ECi ERP business systems help companies like yours manage everything from order entry to warehouse and delivery operations to invoicing with completely integrated core applications like POS, inventory, purchasing, and accounting.

M1® Manufacturing ERP

M1® software is a cost-effective and flexible ERP that meets the rapidly changing needs of manufacturers.

Horizon™ Business Software

Horizon™ software is a complete business management solution for growing office products dealers who want to operate more efficiently and protect and maximise their margins.

Progress® ERP

Progress® software is a comprehensive ERP business software for larger dealers focused on office supplies.

e-automate™ ERP

e-automate™ ERP is a total software solution for field-service-oriented office equipment dealers who want to compete at any level, no matter their size.

Companies in virtually every industry are actively pursuing online business — and urging their business partners to do the same. Fundamental advantages like increased efficiency, improved accuracy, and cost reductions for both buyers and sellers are driving the move to electronic transactions.

EasyOrder® E-commerce

EasyOrder® software is a powerful e-commerce/order management/customer Web portal.

HorizonWeb™ E-commerce

HorizonWeb™ software is fully integrated with Horizon Business Management to help growing office supply dealers compete in the world of online sales.

Increase the benefits from your ERP business system with key add-on products, including fully integrated tools for business intelligence, MPS and more.

Acsellerate™ Software

ECi Acsellerate™ software is the market leader in on-demand sales and business intelligence. Acsellerate is easy-to-use and fully integrated with most ECi systems.

CXintelligence™ Software

CXintelligence™ software from ECi Acsellerate is an on-demand customer intelligence solution that helps you win accounts by allowing specific customers to access their purchase information any time they need it.

FMAudit® Software

FMAudit® software provides everything you need to assess, analyse, propose, monitor and market your managed print services (MPS) business.